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On Time: The Quest for Precision: Welcome

Water Clock

from Les raisons des forces mouvantes, 1615

Image of a water clock from Raisons Des Forces Mouvantes Avec Diverses Machines Tant Utiles Que Plaisantes by Salomon de Caus, 1615.

Math, Myth, and the Measure of Mayan Time

October 22, 2012 lecture with William Saturno, Assistant Professor of Archaeology at Boston University.

What Time is it Anyway? Clocks, Timescales, and How the World Decides What Time It Is

September 27, 2012, with Christopher Ekstrom, Chief of Advanced Clock Development, U.S. Naval Observatory.
Video produced by The Video Works of Roeland Park, Kansas.

On Time - The Quest for Precision: Exhibition and Lecture Series

An Exhibition & Lecture Series displayed from September 2012 to March 2013.

Curator: Bruce Bradley

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