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Getting Started at the Library: Home

Using the library's resources and collections

About the Library

The Linda Hall Library, the world’s largest privately endowed library of science, engineering and technology, is recognized internationally for the breadth and depth of its holdings and for its renowned History of Science Collection. It is open to the public: those with a general interest in science as well as independent researchers and scholars.

Linda and Herbert Hall made no statement in their wills on what the library should collect, rather directing their trustees to make this determination. In 1941, the Board of Trustees selected advisors from the national library community to assist them. Extensive research and conversations with local and regional leaders resulted in the decision to create a research library focused on science, engineering and technology. 

The collection emphasizes journals and other serial publications. Monographs, conference proceedings, engineering specifications and standards, indexes and abstracts, government documents, technical reports, and reference materials support the journal collection.

Hours and Contact Information

Linda Hall Library is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

Contact us:

Directions to the Library and Parking

Street address:

Linda Hall Library

5109 Cherry Street

Kansas City, MO  64110

Map showing location of Linda Hall Library

Free parking is available in the Cherry Street parking lot in front of the library for LHL visitors only. 

NOTE: The south side parking lot on Holmes Street is restricted for staff and vendors. Violators will be towed.

Collection Overview

Linda Hall Library is dedicated to collecting and retaining print materials, though some items are in media format (microfilm, etc.).  The library actively collects in many subject areas: 

  • Engineering and technology
  • History and philosophy of the empirical sciences
  • History of technology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Research journals
  • Cyrillic & Eastern European serials
  • Archival engineering specifications
  • At-risk, hard-to-find serials
  • Academic & scholarly society publications

LHL has materials in over 80 languages. Holdings include books, journals, conference proceedings, U.S. government publications, technical reports, industry standards, engineering societies' meeting papers, and more.

Image: The TVs of Tomorrow (2018)

History of Science Library

Image: The Feminine Math-tique (1971)

The History of Science Library holds materials that are published prior to 1800, or that are otherwise considered rare or valuable. Items are acquired through donation or selected for purchase by the Collections staff.

For the security of the collection, access is limited to readers with a research need. Viewing materials is by appointment only, at least 48 hours in advance. 

Staff are available for reference consultations and for rare book presentations. Visit this page for details. One month advance notice required.

Image: A dissertation on the general properties of eclipses (1748)