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Voyages and Expeditions: On the Web

Four Digital Voyages/Expeditions Exhibits at the Linda Hall Library: Ice A Victorian Romance; Napoleon and the Scientific Expedition to Egypt; Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679-1859; Grandeur of Life

A Voyage of Discovery

Exploration of a remarkable iceberg, from A Voyage of Discovery by Sir John Ross, 1819.

LHL Digital Collection: Ice - 19th Century Polar Exploration & Glacial Studies

Dampier's Mountain Cow

While exploring the area east of Vera Cruz in the gulf of Mexico, William Dampier discovered a hippopotamus, though he variously named it a "mountain cow," "river horse," "river cow" and "sea horse." From A Continuation of a Voyage to New Holland, 1709.

Islanders of Tahiti

Captain Cook's first voyage took him to the island of Tahiti for observations of Venus. From An Account of the Voyages... in the Southern Hemisphere, 1773.

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