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Translations: Finding Translations

Online and print translation resources

Is there an English version of this?

Finding out if there is an English translation of a foreign language article is not very straightforward. The Library typically does not collect English translations, preferring to collect materials in the original language.

The Library owns many English translations of Russian journals from the mid- 1950s to the mid- 1990s. Do a title keyword search in the Library's online catalog for the Russian title to find the English title.  Some Russian titles are completely translated while others are selectively translated.

Another place to find English title of a foreign language journal is the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index Search Tool (CASSI).

You can also try Google Books for translations.

Chemical Society, London

The Chemical Society, London published English abstracts of foreign language articles in its Journal beginning in 1847. Between 1878 and 1925 translation information is in the even numbered volumes.

National Translation Center

In 1993 the Library of Congress closed the National Translations Center.  The NTC files held information on about 1,000,000  translations, of which 400,000 were directly held by the Center.  The translations collection was divided with the pre-1984 materials going to the British Library, and the remainder going to the Canada Insititute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) now operating through the Canada National Science Library.