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Robots: A History: Robots at Work

Robots in the Workplace

Robotic technology is present at home, in the military, and even at work. Robots are now being used for a wider array of jobs than ever before, and some of their tasks are quite surprising! Check out these examples of robot jobs! 

Examples: The Industrial, Athletic, and Automatic

The ref is always the most hated guy in the game. In baseball, controversy over the strike zone has been a constant source of tension. Now, using robotic technology, the MLB is discussing the possibility of having robotic umpires to identify the strike zones in players. By using a computer system that can automatically calculate the ball's location in reference to the player's position, the days of players & umps arguing about a ball or a strike could eventually be a thing of history. However, the MLB predicts that the use of this technology could still be years away. 

Many industrial robots used in factories can be quite dangerous for humans to be around while in use. The scientists and students at MIT wanted to create a robot that was not only safe to be around while in operation, but easy to program and operate. 

The history of industrial robots begins with the rise of mass production, and the creation of the factory work environment. Large, heavy machinery operated in cramped quarters by often overworked employees most often lead to disaster. This video tells the history of George Devol and the first robotics patent, who paved the way for fully automated factories and the robotics used in the workplace today.

When Elon Musk unveiled the "Tesla D" one year ago, it's safe to say that people were equally, if not more impressed with the "Titan" manufacturing robot that he used to reveal the car. Dwarfing Musk, the arm easily spun, moved, and twisted onstage, all the while holding the chassis of Musk's new Tesla D.