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The purposes of this guide are to: 1) assist with research on a particular subject and 2) to help identify possible research subjects for essays, reports, dissertations, etc.


The Linda Hall Library has a very extensive collection of monographs and journals on the philosophy of science.

In the last few decades the philosophy of science and the history of science have become related by interests that are interdisciplinary (joining resources of both) and transdisciplinary (transcending their differences). Philosophers of science, in particular, survey the history literature for cases apt to illustrate or to test their conceptions. The Library collects extensively in the History of Science as well.

The Library does have a few limitations due to idiosyncrasies of library practices of classification and acquisition. Among these limitations the most important is the absence of articles published in general philosophy journals, which our library does not collect. These can be found in most University Libraries.

The main goals of this guide are to assist patrons and librarians in finding information for two main purposes: 1) researching literature on a particular given subject, and 2) identifying possible research subjects for writing essays, reports, dissertations, etc.

Handbook of the Philosophy of Science

Important General Resources