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Eclipses and Other Phenomena: Digital Images

Linda Hall Library Digital Collections

As the Linda Hall Library continued to acquire important celestial atlases, additions such as Catalogus veteres and Vorstellung der Gestirne were added both to the Further Out exhibition and to Linda Hall's Digital Collections.

, Christoph. 1612. Catalogus veteres affixarum...

Bode, Johann Elert, 1805, Vorstellung der Gestirne.

Selected Images from the Collection

Astronomischer Hand-Atlas (published 1805), Table 63

Atlas Caelestis, Eclipse of the Moon (published approx. 1700).  pg. 41

Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College (published 1876); v. 8. Plate 13

The Bakerian Lecture: On the total solar eclipse of July 18th, 1860 (sketch of modified eyepiece for viewing), in Royal Society of London Philosophical Transactions, v. 152, 1862.


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