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Botany: History of Science Collection

Herbals & Medicinal Botany in the HoS Collection

Botany in the HoS Collection

"A botanist...who...departed from the pattern of the herbalists was Cesalpini, who published his "De Plantis" in 1583. Cesalpini was interested in plant morphology and to some extent, in the physiology of plants. Wolf says that "Cesalpini exercised a great influence on the development of botany during the seventeeth and eighteenth centuries, and his point of view reached its culmination in the work of Linnaeus, who in all essentials completed the development of systematic botany as based on artificial classification."

- Some milestones in the history of science to 1800

Sylva by John Evelyn

"Praise for Sylva had come from many directions. Joseph Glanville heard that thousands of trees had been planted: 'a very hopefull, & incouraging success of your generous Labours; And I doubt no but this will tend very much to the advantage of the Nation, as well as to your glory & reputation.'"

- Gillian Darley - John Evelyn: Living for Ingenuity

Evelyn, John, 1786, Sylva, Volume 1. Plate opp. page 274

View pages from original works like John Evelyn's Sylva in the Linda Hall Library Rare Book Room or online through our Digital Collections. Then read contemporary works on John Evelyn himself, available through the Linda Hall Library Catalog.

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