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Engineering Societies Papers: AIME

Reference Assistance

Linda Hall Library Research Specialists are available all hours that the Library is open.  9-5 Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Call: 800.662.1545 or 816.926.8701

Email us at  or use the Reference Request Form.

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Preprints and Unpublished Papers

In addition to the LHL cataloged holdings of AIME publications and papers, the Library has the following papers from 3 of the sub-societies of AIME.  Ask reference staff to check on specific papers.

- SME/AIME:  unpublished papers 1958-1968; preprints 1969-1999, with a few as recent as 2005.

- SPE/AIME:  unpublished papers 1957-1960; preprints numbered SPE-13 to SPE-30158 (1995). 

- TMS/AIME:  preprints/paper selection:  1964-1989.


Additional databases are listed under the searching for papers tab.