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Engineering Societies Papers: AIChE

Reference Assistance

Linda Hall Library Research Specialists are available all hours that the Library is open.  9-5 Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Call: 800.662.1545 or 816.926.8701

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Summary of holdings

NOTE:  In order to provide simplified listings for the purposes of this guide, some detail is neccesarily lost.  Be sure to check with a research specialist if you have questions about any of our holdings.

- Individual uncataloged papers:  This collection includes AIChE preprints begining in 1951 and continuing through 2006.  These papers include those from National Conferences and the Annual Meeting.  Papers from 1995 to 2006/2007 can be searched in our catalog and viewed within the library.  If possible please note paper numbers when ordering a copy.   

- Papers on electronic media. In more recent years the library has received AIChE papers on digital media (DVDs or CD_ROMs).  Contact reference staff to learn about the availability of a specific paper.