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A Basic Guide to Getting Started at the Library: Library Procedures and Rules

Using the library's resources and collections

Required Procedure Upon Arriving at the Library

First-time visitors to the library are asked to register and receive a library card.  

Please present your library card at the Reference Desk each time you visit the library.

Please note that all persons entering the library are subject to its rules, including inspection of books and other items when exiting, or when requested by library staff.  Copies of the rules are available at public service desks.

Required Procedure When Exiting the Library

Please allow staff to check your bags, backpacks, briefcases, purses, papers, etc, as you leave the library. Thank you for your cooperation.

Library Rules

The Linda Hall Library is committed to providing excellent service and an environment conducive to study and research.
To that end:

All visitors shall:

  • Register at the Reference Desk to obtain a Library card upon their first visit
  • Display their Library cards upon arrival at all subsequent visits
  • Be responsible for all uses of their Library cards; promptly report a lost or stolen card
  • Treat library materials, equipment, grounds, other visitors, and Library staff with respect
  • Permit Library staff to inspect all briefcases, packs, parcels, books, and other materials when leaving the building.

All visitors shall refrain from:

  • Bringing food into the Library; beverages are permitted in closed-top containers only
  • Smoking in the Library or on Library property
  • Leaving children unattended
  • Bringing pets into the Library; service animals are permitted
  • Soliciting or distributing religious or political literature

The Library’s Cherry Street parking lot is to be used only by library patrons, and only while they are actually using the library. The Holmes Street parking lot (located to the east of the main building) is restricted to staff parking and library deliveries.

Failure to comply with library rules may result in loss of library privileges.