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Astronomy: Further Out and Other Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions


Highlights of Astronomy




500 Years of Nicolaus Copernicus


Linda Hall Library Digital Collections

As the Linda Hall Library continued to acquire important celestial atlases, additions such as Catalogus veteres and Vorstellung der Gestirne were added both to the Further Out exhibition and to Linda Hall's Digital Collections.

, Christoph. 1612. Catalogus veteres affixarum...

Bode, Johann Elert, 1805, Vorstellung der Gestirne.

Online Exhibitions at the Linda Hall Library

View Out of this World, Thinking Outside the Sphere, and other fascinating online exhibitions through the Linda Hall Library website. Many of the exhibitions include online indices, through which you can see primary sources consulted. These works are available for viewing in the Linda Hall Library Rare Book Room.

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Kimberly Carter

Thinking Outside the Sphere: Views of the Stars from Aristotle to Herschel

"In 1644, René Descartes placed our sun among the stars and appointed them with their own satellites, heralding a dramatic change in our perception of the universe. In the eighteenth century, the sun and other stars were perceived as comprising a star system, resulting in the first map of the galaxy in 1785."

The full text of this exhibition catalog is available for viewing in PDF format.

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