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Linda Hall Library
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Stay up to date with what's happening at the library, while learning more about the subjects and topics discussed in library exhibits, lectures, and symposiums.

Science, in quotes

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."

—James Joyce


The Library

Linda Hall Library is a renowned, independent, research library for science, engineering, and technology. 
First opening its doors in 1946, the library was founded on the wish of Linda and Herbert Hall, whose wills left a trust fund, so that a "free public library for the use of the people of Kansas City and the public generally" (via the Halls' wills) would be established. In addition to expressly wishing that the library remain open to the public, it also required the library to be located on the Hall's estate. After Linda's death in 1938, Herbert added that the future library be named in her memory. 

The acquisition of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Library in 1946 established the foundation of the Library's collection in journals, rare books, and the exchange program with foreign institutions and societies. In 1985, the Library serials collection was extended when part of the Franklin Institute's library in Philadelphia was given to the library. The most recent large addition to Linda Hall's collection occurred in 1995, with the acquisition of the Engineering Societies Library (ESL). 

Linda Hall Library's current collections have been measured at over 45 miles of shelves, with journals, books, and publications written in over 70 languages. With over 45,000 journal titles, half a million monograph volumes, conference proceedings, government documents, over 200,000 industrial standards, 1 million technical reports, and even Sams Photofact Service Manuals, Linda Hall's collection has publications for casual readers, those in the sciences professionally, or hobbyists.
(For more information about the Linda Hall Library & its collections, you may visit this libguide)

In addition, the Library is also home to two exhibit wings that host various scientific exhibits throughout the year. From fossils to rare books, the exhibit cases are always filled with the fascinating, excited, and scientific. There are also numerous lectures, symposia, and events hosted by and in the library that are free and open to the public. (You can see a list of upcoming events on the library page here)

Monthly Book Displays

Each month, our Reference Librarians create a book display to highlight an event or a subject in our collections. Once the display is taken down, the books are integrated back into the normal collection, so here is where you can find a full list of the books featured in past displays!